venerdì 6 gennaio 2017

black star

Cheena so sound, so titi up this malchick, say
Party up moodge, nanti vellocet round on Tuesday
Real bad dizzy snatch making all the omies mad – Thursday
Popo blind to the polly in the hole by Friday

Where the fuck did Monday go?
I’m cold to this pig and pug show
I’m sittin’ in the chestnut tree
Who the fuck’s gonna mess with me?

You viddy at the cheena
Choodesny with the red rot
Libbilubbing litso-fitso
Devotchka watch her garbles
Spatchko at the rozz-shop
Split a ded from his deng deng
Viddy viddy at the cheena

Girl loves me
(Hey cheena)
Girl loves me

Where the fuck did Monday go